​​BASIC PROCESSING $100 (This includes your deer cut and packaged however you would like, or down to 1lb. increments.)

We provide a wide variety of jerky, summer sausage, and snack sticks. Since there are endless options to the flavors we offer, we do not list those online. Just let us know what flavors you're after.

Fresh Sausage is an additional cost of $2.00lb. (We have over 120 flavors.)

Smoked sausages, jerky, snack sticks are all $3.00/lb 

(extras are not included in basic processing.)


You can buy a whole carcass lamb or goat for $5.99/lb. currently (this price includes processing and packaging.)

The price of Hogs and Suckling Pigs vary by size. Please call for price information. 




The price for buying a whole cattle, side of beef, quarter, or wing is currently $3.79/lb. This price includes processing and packaging.